Disco piggie

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Woohooooo! Mimao & Meeko clubbing. Hahahah PARTY ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK! *wave their mini paws around*

LOL not only my piggies went out partying, i went to filter with sab, pris, cel & milly too! This was taken after i reached home thou heh. Blah music and filter is pretty crappy. 

Where to club these days ): Powerhouse full of pervertic grope-y NS boys, movida good music but alot of auntie and uncle, even my used to be favorite Helipad are drawing more and more super young kiddos. boo boo.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Lip Fillers by Prive Clinic

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello! If you remember back in May i blogged about my sponsored nose fillers be Prive Clinic, i totally forgotten to blog about my lip fillers till now!

This was before the lip fillers, my lips are naturally pretty pouty, except that my top lip is probably not defined enough, so..

Prive clinic sponsored me some lip fillers too!
Prepping my lips, Dr Karen Soh did some aesthetic shots which hurt a little, but bearable.

Lip enhancement and augmentation procedures use dermal fillers to produce fuller lips. It is fast, quick and with the aid of numbing cream, there is zero percent of pain or even discomfort.

Love love love Dr Karen Soh! She's so professional, and best of all, she's all about the natural look, so if you're like me- afraid to become super plastic-y looking, she's the one to go to for sure.

This is one or two days after the lip fillers, you can see it's much fuller and defined than before, she also made my "cupids bow" more defined than before, love it!

FYI these fillers last for up to a year depending on your body metabolism rate!

Prive Clinic is known to be one of the outstanding medical clinics in Singapore that delivers excellent service for your skin, face and body in terms of laser technology, dermal fillers, slimming and age management programs with high satisfaction rate among our clients.

With the expertise of the medical director Dr. Karen Soh, all these are possible! Medical aesthetics has been highly appreciated here in Prive headed by Dr. Karen Soh together with her experienced team who look after you so you can be the best that you can be.With the combination of our non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures here in Prive, we ensure that you get what you deserve depending on your needs giving you higher appreciation of yourself and confidence to face the society.

◤Prive Clinic
One Rafles Place, #05-04A
Singapore 048616

Tel: 6535 8684

Loves, The Luckiest Chick 

王力宏 @ 火力全开演唱会庆功宴

Sunday, August 19, 2012

With 王力宏!!! After Music Man II 火力全开演唱会庆功宴.  ♡

He was telling me "Oh I know you pretty well by now haha, Everytime leon sees me, he will take out his phone and show me pictures of you on his phone. Haha" 

Hahahaha so shy!!! Cos practically everyone Leon introduced me to at the afterparty said that. Hahaha Leon was like ahhhh what haolian girlfriend to everyone cannot ah~ hahahah
Boo boo LeeHom asked us to go to Filter to party after the 庆功宴 but leon the lazy bum bum don't wanna go! I'm still so energetic heh

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Gym & Canopy Cafe @ Marina Bay Golf Club

Hahahah sometimes we evil owners just like to dress Ninja with leon's clothes and force meow to parade around in it.

On instagram: Good night y'all. Ninja 猫 & I getting a little snoozy, heading to the gym tmr with @sabrinawang @zhenggeping @starfitnessSG so gotta have an early night! #FabulousYou

Went gyming in the morning with Sabrina and Geping, feel so refreshed and full of energy after the gym session! Mummy asked if i wanna go have dinner with her and friends, since i didn't have anything on, might as well go!

Went to Marina Bay Golf Club, Canopy Cafe
It's at the 2nd storey and it overlooks the lush golf course and MBS, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, we could even see the 745 & 815 light show at Super Tree, Gardens by the Bay where we were seated! Pretty darn awesome. 

Reservation is recommended thou, was really crowded and they made reservations in advance so we got the first table with unblocked views! heh

Escargot. Philadelphia Maki, Edamame beans
Food is pretty good there! Mummy had the mustard chicken cutlet, her friend had some sort of malay fried noodle, all pretty yummy!

Such awesome views! Will definitely go back there again and bring leon!

◤Canopy Cafe is located at 80 Rhu Cross, #02-01
Marina Bay Golf Course 
Reservations:  6342 5742

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Gardens By The Bay 1.2

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remember my Garden by the Bays post 1.1?

Mini me at Cloud Forest! Sooooooo cool and pretty! And it's sooooo cooling, misty and shiok in the dome, reminds me of spring in Taiwan. (:

Made the trip there again this time we had enough time to visit Cloud Forest & Flower Dome!
You could probably set aside one hour at Cloud forest and another hour at Flower Dome, if you wanna take your time to photograph the beautiful flowers then set aside more time for sure.
There's also the light show at the Super Trees at 7.45 & 8.15PM.

Lol didnt know leon was "camping" behind me ready to shot and i turned back to look at him and he shot this! Luckily i didnt make some crazy expression heh.

Hahahaha erm leon being playful cos we saw that the statues had their little dickies exposed! So scandalous heh

Errrr, Le Wild Old Man Boyfriend appears!

Errrrrrr, Le Wild Old Man Boyfriend appears again! He evolved from the snails behind him to Le Wild Old Man Boyfriend.

Going gym after this so i only had light makeup on!

Hahaha he's so kawaii cos he can never tell a lion apart from a tiger. He said he always thought the Tiger is the one with the mane. -.-
I told him it must be because he didn't watch The Lion King as a kid, which kid never watch Lion King before in their life?! It's like a must watch what! hahah

Lol this cool cactus looks so wrong. I sense that the landscapers are trying to spice things up for us while planning  the layout of the cactus. Hahahah

Heheheh he always does the silliest thing to make me laugh! 100% with the dude behind him.

I'm a huge fan of succulents!!! No cactus, only succulents. I just love to touch and poke their firm, plump leaves! So fun hahaha we found a hens&chick succulent leave that fell out from the main plant and i brought it home to try and propogant from that leave, not sure if it will work but i'm gonna try!

Apparently you can just leave a succulent leave to dry and let the exposed part callous for about 3 days, then put it on a pot of soil and it will start to grow roots again!

I love these! Heh it weird but i like how they look like wild flowers, casually sprinkled all over and you walk pass them and they're like smiling at you cheerfully.  ❀

I want to get a couple pots of star dasies for my walkway but i'm not sure if it will fare well there because of the harsh afternoon sun my walkway get a couple hours a day. Tried planting rain lilies at that spot and they pretty much curled up and basically fry themselves under the hot sun. :/
Shifted my rainlilies to a more shady spot and now they're looking good!

Got some random stranger to snap this for us, so pretty! I looooove hydrageas!

Le Wild Old Man Boyfriend appears again!

Went to the cafe at the Flower Conservertory for a cuppa iced tea, you can see the Singapore Flyer from here too!

Handsome bf showing off his new watch! Oh he bought us a pair of couple Ceramic watch from Emporio Armani, Black X Rose gold, SO PRETTY I LOVE IT!

Gardens by the Bay is located at
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
Admission rate & opening hours click here.

After Gardens by the Bay, off to gyming! #FabulousYou.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Drugstore shopping

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

  1. Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System
  2. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deeeeep Conditioner
  3. GNC Vitamin E 400, Softgel Capsules
  4. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum, Extra Strength Formula
Ordered a couple items from cos leon wanted to order his vitamins too, GNC is way cheaper there as compared to GNC stores in SG!

I'm trying to grow out my hair and my hair is practically like a chunk of hay. Lots of great reviews of the Aussie 3 minute miracle moist deep  conditioner & John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum so i'm hoping that they can work their magic on my hair too! Any hair tip do share and comment at the end of the post!

Vitamin E is aweeeeeesome for skin, i've been very very lazy, but i'm gonna start to take them regularly again, if you have pimples/scars pop open on of the Vit E gel capsule and apply the oil directly on that spot and you will see results the very next day!

Oh and i usually spend $25 and above to get free shipping from and then forward my shipment to to be sent to singapore instead of using international shipping, this method is usually much cheaper than international shipping from the US merchant themselves. (:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Mystery Makan: Ardent's Cafe & Bar

Monday, August 13, 2012

Had our Mystery Makan with Nadnut, Jacelyn & boyfriends organized by Esther on Sunday! When she told us 80 Neil Road i was thinking hmmm.. so familiar, drove there and turns out it was beside my friend's pub haha

Sorry for the noobie iphone pics, totally forgotten to bring out my Lumix GF2 raaaah! only realized that after i left home for church.

☼ Hot hot hot crazy hot day, Esther booked the outdoor seats but when i reach there and stood there for 10 seconds i felt like i was gonna melt! Luckily there was a 7 pax indoor seats for us! Phew~

Very homey feel cafe! Love the comfy couch, fake fireplace and the brick walls! Hahahah I want me some brick walls in my future place too!

Ohh they serve all day breakfast on weekends! Pancakes, Rosti, Benedict eggs. The works.

Hahahah Esther's friend ordered this drink called Golden Shower and when he was ordering nadnut was like AHEM WHAT?! GOLDEN SHOWER?! Hahahahah the way she said it i knew it was something dirty! 

Golden shower in wikipedia: The slang for the practice of the practice of urinating on another person for sexual pleasure. LOL!!! Doesnt seem as appetizing anymore does it. :/

OMG Poor S. I think he drank a total of 2 sips of that ahem.. golden shower after nadnut explained what the slang means hahaha. Doesn't help that we kept teasing him about it, we totally spoilt his drink for him hahah.

I had the Blackstone Benedict's, Yums! bacon bacon bacon!

The Hollandaise sauce is really lemon-ey and super yums!

 ❀ Outfit of the Day
Floral Henley Dress: Aeropostal
Coral Slim Belt: Hong Kong
Royal Blue Wedges: Forever21
Earrings: Gift from Graciousglamours

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the tannest of them all!
Hahaha, it's kinda weird but somehow my legs are always tanner than the rest ofmy body wtf. 

Yay Nadnut, Jaclyn boyfriend came along too so they were naturally the designated photographer for like 15 mins.. under the hot sun. Hahaha thumbs up very tolerant boyfriends. 

I wouldn't say i'm tolerant at all. I'll start to raaaaaahhh, go nuts at Leon within seconds when he wanna take his 423437854 millionth panaromic shots under the hot sun. He takes like jabillion panaromics i swear. If there's ever a camera that could shoot the most perfect panaromic i think he would be the first person ever to get one. -.-

Ardent's Cafe & Bar is located at 80 Nile Road 
Reservations: 6325 7077 

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Entertaining the hair-nomming kitty kat!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

This is how i keep Ninja kitty entertained while i read.

Lol I don't know why but he likes sniffing my face and biting my hair. -.-

hahah he's playing with my belt. Raaaaah boyfriend goes nuts when i let the kitty meow play with my belts/accesories etc. Gotta fetch boyfriend from the airport tonight, finally back from Har-a-bin, i miss himmmmmmm! ♪♫

♡ Loves, The Luckiest Chick.

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 47th Singapore! 

How did you spend your national day? For me i started my morning really early like 6am cause I drove Leon to the airport for his flight then back home and i couldn't fall back asleep so.. i started shopping online! Just started my new job for about 3 days now and i decided i need some new clothes!

Some of my buys here not including a bunch of basic tops + essential pop color pencil skirts for work etc.

Can't wait for them to come!! :D

After shopping online I watched some reality TV and caught up on my US dramas, watched Baby Daddy, Burn Notice, Weeds, True Blood & Mad Men. Drove over to Sab's place and gym + swim!

Lol actually it was pretty much just me gyming alone and Sab advising me and making sure i'm doing things right cos she was so hungover lol. Swimming - not really swimming either, just lazing around and getting soaked-too-long-in-the-water induced wrinkly skin while chit chatting in the jacuzzi while the sun sets.

How nice if everyday could be a public holiday.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Taipei Spring 2012: Day 7 Ximending. Danshui.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Day 7 in Taipei!
Actually I've been procrastinating and not posting this up because i feel sooooo miserableeeeee and i miss taiwan so much.

Because everytime i blog about my travelogues, i look thru my photos.. and really recall and let the memories flood into me before i write every travelogue post. So it's as if i'm re-experiencing the trip once again.. so my last day post is always dragged for mooooonths. 

hahaha I actually have not posted up my last two days when i was travelling alone in Aussie, Sydney. so ridiclous i know.. since the trip was like last september. hahaha 舍不得 finish the travelogue sigh.

Anyway September i'm going to Hong Kong with Leon for a short trip to celebrate his birthday and our 8th year anniversary so i've gonna have more stuff to blog about so I'm gonna clear my travelogues before then! (:

Sorry for the wait heh.

Outfit of the day! It was a really really cold day in Taipei! Actually that day there was an earthquake going on at some parts of taiwan and while i was doing my makeup in the toilet and leon like shouted hey baby you ok?!

And i strolled out casually and like HUH? ok what? 
-LOL i totally did not feel a thing. Leon said he was watching tv in the room and he totally felt it and said that i'm a total si-bah (in dialect) hahaha like dead meat like no feeling one. Sniff sniff so mean.

I'm thinking if i should keep my fringe like this again because i'm starting to get snnoyed with my short fringe. Constantly getting in the way! Btw i liked this frame so much and i felt that i wasn't wearing it enough (frameless) so i went to my optician and get the frame done so i can wear it everyday as my specs heh. Damn cheap like $25 bucks or so to get the lens done.

Went to Xi Men Ding and decided to have japanese ramen for lunchie! 日本电视冠军 ramen hor! Mai siao siao.

It's really pretty yummy. Always so envious of the people who go to japan and say their ramen everywhere also damn shiok and nice can have ramen for 3 meals also shiok one. I wanna try and see how shiok is the so-called shiok!

Oh They had the cutest wishing thingy by the side of the restaurant, leon and I wrote our wishes and it's up there now!

Hehehe L ♡  F

Was walking to the MRT and we saw Cold Stone Creamery and decided to get ourselves a treat! Their cold Stone Creamery is soooooo interesting and sooooo many pretty and delicious looking sundaes and they were having this strawberry season specials where they had a couple of strawberry sundaes with different combi, soooo pretty!

Hahahah I'm damn bo liao took damn long to choose cos all so pretty and oiishi looking and i wanted all then i decided i dont want a huge sundae so i opted for a small strawberry cheesecake + double pop of gummy bears! I have a thing with my ice cream.. and gummy bears. Nom nom nom.

Hahahaha WTF boyfriend took this photo then he said hmm you and Yina really look alike.. -.- 
how many times are we gonna hear this from our boyfriends. Apparently Yina's boyfriend tease her and tell her that pretty often too. hahaha

HAHAHA THIS WAS WHAT WE SAW WHEN WE WALKED OUT OF COLD STONE CREAMERY. What theeeeeee.. hahahahs hilarious + super obscene~ Leon still purposely point out to me that we can see their "little birdies"! Thanks ah.. -.-

Hahahah the weather was REALLY cold btw. Like cold + super windy + rainy. So miserably cooooold. I was all wrapped up in layers and layers and i still had to wear leon's thick fleece hoodie and i was still shivering. Again super low tolerant for the cold boohoo.

We went to Dan Shui to buy 铁蛋for leon's family thou, they love it but i'm not a fan.

Some "faceless" students protesting just outside the MRT station, in Singapore if we dare to do anything funny like that, probably can go say hello to the jail cell already. :/

Just as we were gonna leave DanShui cos it was sooooo cold and raining too, 
spotted this KITTY CAFE called 猫雨 - Kitty Rain.
 Of course must go in!!!! :D

Hello hamsum. hahahah then Ms. Mao in ah ma knitted sweater strolled over casually to check us out. Look at Leon's expression!!! Priceless!!! Hahahaha cannot stop laughing.

Another super cute shot of leon giving his deadly *RAH FU KITTY DONT COME AND LICK MA CARAMEL MILK IF NOT YOU'RE A DEAD PIECE OF KITTYKAT!* stare.

Ahhhhh, nothing can be better than a hot toasty drink on a cold cold day.

Hahahaha Leon damn mean, he keep shaking the plastic baggie to make alot of noise to attract the kitties! So damn cute keep stuffing their head in their to kaypoh and check out our loots lol.

Oh and it was really weird cos a taiwan reporter interviewed us when we were at Kitty Rain Cafe and asked us like how we think about animal themed cafes like Kitty Rain and if we have something like this in SG etc.. hahaha

oh and to end this off we were at the MRT and i was telling leon this this sign reminds me of...

Hahahah erm if you didn't get it i was trying to .. ahem act like mario.. hahaahah

♡ Loves, The Luckiest Chick.